After the enchanting sunset in the sand dunes and a romantic rendevous with my better half, we headed back to the camp in the dunes…

I was excited to stay over in the camp and see the clear starry sky of the desert over a stroll with my husband… kinda cheesy but come on all gals gonna love the feel of it in a chilled night holding hands and staring the moon and the stars..

It was a warm welcome in the camp with traditionally clad ghagra women and dholki men singing padharo hamare desh… It was again a pleasant surprise to see the room in the camp site …nice spacious tent with clean bathrooms and running water.., it was cosy as the temperature was dropping by evening…

our cosy tent
our cosy tent

The camp organizes folk program with traditional dance, foot tapping music and local cuisine. There is of course some warm spirits to enlighten your mood and make you more joyful at your command in those cold desert evenings..we enjoyed the verve and vitality of folk dancers performing GHOOMAR dance with flowing glittery colourful ghagras.. KALBELIA dance with the black ghagra get up was graceful and lastly BHAVAI women balancing matkis and thalis and performing balancing altogether.. I almost rose upto my feet on my favorite gypsy song DUMA DUM MAST KALANDAR…

fiery folk dancer
fiery folk dancer

After the soulful performance and  some knick knack to munch on we went to our room for dinner..our driver was a good fellow and was happy to arrange our dinner in the room itself..


We had local vegetarian meals to choose from..a platter with daal batti ,gatte ki sabji and kair sangri ki sabji and oodles and doddles of ghee was the special attraction..along with regular paneer makhni..i really liked the moong dal halwa as the dessert..

Me and my better half were almost done with the day..it was time to disembark from the crowd could see hundreds of star enveloping the sky..it was indeed a beautiful sight…it was almost 6 degree Celsius at night and I had to wear a thick jacket under the blanket to catch some sleep..

Next morning I got up early than usual and was basking and soaking in some fresh warm sun and the only thing on my mind was to come back here again…

the lazing me
the lazing me

It was morning nine and time to leave the grains of time and follow the trails to JAISALMER CITY…Bidding goodbye for now to see you all on the other side of the travel diary…

grains of time...
grains of time…

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  1. CheontheRoad says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww moments ki bandarbaant se bharpoor…

    We also had a similar experience except that we managed to get Desi Murgha in the dinner… Was perfect for the chilled weather!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. sameekshya95 says:

      jugaad lagaya tumne…this was our only veg meal fr the trip…


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