Elephant…the divine mystery

Hindus have worshiped the elephants for many centuries. When Hindus worship the elephant, it is not the animal itself that they are worshipping, but rather, what it represents – obedience to the dharma (the master’s call), ability not to repeat past mistakes, and respect and care towards their peers.


A perfect disciple acts like an elephant. He devotes complete obedience to the master, his eyes are small, as he does not use the eyes of the physical body, but the eyes of the spirit. He has large ears, as he listens more than he speaks. He informs all the others about the dangers he encounters in his path towards enlightenment, and finally, when he needs to accomplish a certain task, physical pain, tiredness, hunger and thirst are no obstacles for him. Great men in history were elephants, they did not fear, and yet, they were docile.

Unlike Buddhists, Hindus represented a philosophical/theological concept through images. The image of the elephant, then, was used to represent all attributes and characteristics that a perfect disciple should have.

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  1. very interesting! never that about hinduism. i thought they worshiped the elephant as it being an animal and not what it represents


    1. sameekshya95 says:

      Thanks a lot…Hinduism has a lot of facets..this is one aspect of the coin..Hindu worship the elephant God before all sacred rituals..

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      1. if you don’t mind me asking, what does the monkey represent?

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      2. sameekshya95 says:

        Heheee…not at all…monkey again is signifying someone who is notorious n plays mischief but the beauty lies in the fact that monkey God Hanuman is worshipped because of his devotion and life long celibacy..

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      3. wow, that blew my mind lol i would never connected the monkey god with celibacy. Hinduism is very interesting!

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      4. check out my blog when you get the chance. hopefully, i can teaching you something that you taught me.

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      5. sameekshya95 says:

        Surely sooner..;)

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