Good ol’ Palak Paneer

The Good Old Palak Paneer

It’s a Monday and my veg instinct pushed me to make something green today…simple and tasty Palak paneer. I was glad after finally tasting it. It was perfect blend of texture and colour and not to forget the drooly taste of the gravy.


Palak leaves:500gms

Oil:3 tbsp


Garam masala:1 tsp

Turmeric :1 tsp

Chilli powder:1 tsp


Green chillies-3

Onion chopped:1

Garlic chopped:8pods

Ginger chopped:1 inch

Tomatoes chooped :1

Salt to taste and cream to garnish its completely optional.


In a deep vessel container boil around 1 litre of water. To it add a pinch of salt and sugar. Put the palak onto the vessel and cook it without the lid for about 2 mins. Once it reduces in volume drain the water and keep the palak aside.

In another pan, heat some oil ,to it add the jeera, followed by onion and saute it till onion becomes translucent. Don’t forget to keep the flame in it add chopped green chillies, chopped ginger and chopped garlic and saute it for 2 mins. Then goes in the chopped tomatoes cook it till tomato soften.

Take out this masala from the pan.

Take out your mixer. Put in the boiled palak churn it for few seconds then add the masala and churn it till you get a smooth texture paste.

In a pan, put some oil add chilli powder , turmeric and garam masala to it. Now its time to transfer the palak-masala paste into the pan keeping the heat low. Once it starts cooking add the paneer cubes and add salt and cook it for like another 2 mins.


Voila its ready to serve now. Garnish wid cream and I am sure you will love the taste.



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