Quintessence Gobi Bhajaa

Odia style Gobi Bhajaa

I remember my good old Manipal college days when I was kinda bored of eating the mixed vegetable curry and more curries and some more curries in the mess …

I am from a typical odia household and I like to see my vegetables nice and dry. I don’t like lots of masala smeared on veggies which makes me squint my eyes to identify the vegetable.

I tried teaching our kannada chef to make bhajaa but instead he made bhaji, deep fried, crunchy and totally not healthy kind.

This gobi bhajaa is my favourite from my childhood days when I had a strong aversion to vegetables. My maternal grandma used to make it for me and tell me that it’s a big tree you eating to become strong and trust me it looks like a tree to me now too…

Try this simple recipe and give your feedback to me ..I will be more than glad..



Cauliflower medium-1

Panch phoran-1tsp

Onion sliced-1 medium

Oil-1 tbsp

Potato chopped into cubes-1

Turmeric powder-1tsp

Salt to taste

Dry roasted and grounded dried red chilli and jeera powder for seasoning

Some few twigs of coriander leaves finely chopped


Heat oil in wok. Once it’s hot add panchphoran and let it crackle add slice onion and cook it for 2 minutes. Once its translucent, add the potato cubes and followed by chopped cauliflower. Add turmeric and salt. Mix everything well. Lower the gas flame and put a lid. I use non- stick kadhai in lieu of traditional iron ones cause less oil and t doesn’t stick to bottom cause we are not adding any water. Remove the lid after each 3 to 4 mins interval to stir everything well. Cook for approx. 20 mins and  sprinkle on some ground chilli-jeera powder and fresh coriander..savour this basic bhajaa with paratha or roti..





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