Bruges : The Silent Charmer Day 1

historical city centre of Bruggs

After the hustle bustle weekend in Amsterdam, we packed our bags for Bruges enroute Brussels. We landed in the station nearly around 6 pm and started making our way to our hotel through the cobble stoned pavement. To our surprise we crossed the city center and found not a single soul roaming around. We, as travelers were engrossed in the architectural beauty of medieval Europe but scared at the same time.Later we found that this city closes early during fall and winters thats why we didnt encounter a single soul.

view from our hotel room
bubble performer in the midst of plazza

After a short walk we entered the city center barren of the usual strollers, but comes the best part of this tour … our hotel it was just right on the city center overlooking the central plaza overlooking the provincial hoff and the markt.

modest and clean room overlooking city markt

This city truly lived upto the expectation of being the UNESCO heritage site. without much fuss me and my better half went to the streets just behind to get the much talked about Bruges Zot to quench our thirst.

the famous fool drink

Brugse Zot, a city beer for Bruges brewed by De Halve Maan, was launched in 2005 by Xavier Vanneste, but its name harks back to the late Middle Ages, when the Emperor Maximilian of Austria visited Bruges.

He witnessed a parade of jesters and madmen (fools called ‘zotten’). Afterwards, the citizens of Bruges asked the Emperor for a ‘zothuis’ (or madhouse). Whereupon he responded: “A madhouse is all I have seen today.”

Brugse Zot is a very drinkable thirst-quencher with bags of character, brewed with four varieties of malt and two types of aroma hops. Thanks to re-fermentation the taste evolves in the bottle. The blonde Brugse Zot has now acquired a dark sibling: the strong, full-mouthed Brugse Zot Dubbel, brewed with Saaz hops and six specialty malts. trust me it was certainly not a fool thing to savour this beer.

This called in for a good night sleep in our comfy bed.. if you travelling to Brugges take my words for this hotel and the most courteous bartender from Nepal who gives you freebies with the drink. you must try Kwak the belgian speciality.. Pauwel Kwak has earthy aromas, a malty character with touches of liquorice, a nougat-like robustness and a warm finish not unlike caramelised banana. Yeast and red fruits are the strongest aromas, but you will also find a few herbs.The caramel is quite noticeable, together with the herbs and orange zest. The aftertaste is slightly bitter and herbal.

my better half enjoying kwak

see you guys on the other side of the blog for more fun stories…




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  1. Mel & Suan says:

    Indeed. It never fails to charm us or our guests when we brought them there!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sameekshya says:

      Ya was a great medieval feel to the whole place..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mel & Suan says:

        Did you try the horse carriages?


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