It was a quick start of the day this time. We bid adieu to our host in wolfrathausen and started our trail along the romantic road again. We passed through the meadows and it was dewy and cold in the morning.

Romantic Road

Our first stop was wieskirche. The Wieskirche, or Wies Church, is one of the most important places of pilgrimage in southern Germany.It is situated between Steingaden and Wildsteig on the Romantic Road – or, to be more accurate, slightly off the road on a country lane to the small hamlet of Wies.

the grand wies
the greenery around the wies
he can pose too..
the player


The Wieskirche is also one of the most famous works from the Rococo period of art and architecture and its position close to the Romantic Road, the religious attraction of Oberammergau and the Passion Play and the historic buildings of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau ensure that it is popular with many coach tours and day-trips from surrounding villages and towns. We couldn’t offer prayers in the church because sunday mass was on its way. we sneaked a lil away n found ourselves amidst of mountains and greenery. I saw a kiosk selling witch dolls and i instantly fell in love with the detailing of the doll and bought one for myself.

I was not aware of Lake Alpsee when we  planned for the trip. When we drove to visit Neuschwanstein. I found Parking P4 the nearest parking to the bus stop to the castle. Lake Alpsee is about 5 minutes walk from bus stop. Surprisingly, the water is crystal clear, it could mirror the surrounding landscape!

happy me at Alpsee
Alpsee and serenity
the swimmer

The Alpsee is a lake , located about 4 kilometres southeast of Fussen.

Neuschwanstein Castle, which literally translates to New Swan Stone castle, is located in Bavaria, Germany. It was originally called New Hohenschwangau Castle, as it was meant to be a grand recreation of Hohenschwangau Castle, where Ludwig II spent his childhood. The older Schloss Hohenschwangau now sits in Neuschwanstein’s magnificent shadow.


the lone one
NWS castle


the wall love

Its modern name, thought to be a reference to Wagner’s character, the Swan Night, was not acquired until after Ludwig II’s death.

Travelers visiting Neuschwanstein Castle will need to travel to the village of Hohenschwangau, where the ticket center is located.

One of the highlights beyond the castle’s walls is Marienbrücke, the bridge which hangs over a waterfall and offers the most iconic views (and photo opportunities) of Neuschwanstein. After your tour, be sure to spend some time exploring the wooden trails around the castle, which provide countless opportunities to admire the surrounding Bavarian Alps.

Of the three palaces “Mad” King Ludwig II had built, the Linderhof Palace . was the only one he saw completed. Unfortunately for him, it was also the smallest. Prior to the Linderhof Palace, the grounds had been home to the Königshäuschen, Ludwig’s fathers’ old hunting cottage. The cottage was dismantled and rebuilt in 1869 to make room for Linderhof.


Ludwig did not intend to build a luxurious ‘home’ where distinguished guests could be welcomed, but merely a place of refuge for himself on the model of Versailles’ Petit Trianon, which was the refuge, ‘lieu of divertissement’ and relaxation of Queen Marie Antoinette.

Though much smaller, the architecture of the magnificent palace is extravagant with ivory candelabras and a carpet made of ostrich down. Inspired by Versailles, Ludwig created a mirror image of “Sun King” Louis XIV’s bedchamber and styled himself the “Night King.” Like his Neuschwanstein Castle, Linderhof was also deeply inspired by composer Richard Wagner. Many rooms sport the themes of some of Wagner’s greatest works.

fountain in linderhof

Amidst the forested mountainous terrain, Ludwig built huge ornamental gardens that borrowed styles from a number of other countries and eras. Perhaps the most extravagant is the “Venus Grotto” a man-made cave lake with a waterfall.

After a long walk we headed to a village called Ettal and chose to dine in a small diner http://Gasthaus zum fischerwirt and i must say the cuisine we chose was very different from the regular one and of course the ettal local beers are a must mention. Ettaler and the monastery brewery goes back in times in Germany.


Thanks to  tripsography on fb

After crossing Deutschland, we passed through another trail of mountains and reached Innsbruck. Stay tuned for our experience in Austria.





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  1. Mel & Suan says:

    Oh we too enjoyed our drive if only in the black forest. Indeed Fuessen deserves a second visit, and we just might do that next time we are in Switzerland!

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