Donned in my comfiest pajamas, darkness just about set right,
Aroma of lavender and fresh linen reviving the mood tonight,
My eyelids are heavy so as my cloudy head,
But it’s not the time yet,

The mind is wanderer tonight so as the nightcap,
My eyes are shutting but the encephalogramic activity is at peak,
Bored of starry moonlit night now, the bleeping phone light is my company tonight,

My bed is my love tonight but the boho mind is on roll,
I don’t want to feel loved, feel hurt, feel the pain,
Want to feel the nothingness, the cessation of energy and the tranquil life,
Want the shhhhhhh to engulf my soul within,

The fantasy is sans emotions, sans sound, sans light…
The fantasy so pristine and desired yet so undoable…

The fantasy being shattered by the bleak of light through my window,
Disrupted by the blazing alarm,
Yet another day of bracing the reality but the pursuit of sleep still stay…

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