Lotus Connection

Lotus..not just an aquatic perennial…it has strong connection with spirituality in Hinduism and Buddhism..its a depiction of beauty admist mud.. Symbol of power now in India… love life

Walk with me tonight…

I look and you and sigh …. Embrace myself in the dark of the night Remember those coldest of evenings , When we walked together holding hands looking at you… love life

A Fish Attack

I have a fascination for the gill bearing aquatic fauna…can watch them fluttering their fins and can savour them as a delightful meal.. This pic was taken from my visit to CR market in New Delhi..where you can pick from an array of fishes… Surely Bengali love their fishes… Cheers love life

The lone boat

Stopped on my way to view this 7 decades old tilaiya dam enroute… Ranchi to Patna …. Posted from WordPress for Android


Got this lager beer in a boot shaped glass in Biere republic Bangalore.. Truly bootlegger…or rather can say bootlager.. Posted from WordPress for Android